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Learn Business English with the best Book

Business English is now a very popular subject that most of students are embracing. As job qualification is high and higher, now speaking English in general is no longer enough. You must be able to speak English now in your professional fields so that your bob performance would be excellent. Now this is a chance for you to pick up a very good book for free in which you can learn business vocabulary very easily. Download now below.


Proverbs in English for you

This book is a very useful one for you because it is published by Oxford University and, if you want to improve your English skills, go ahead to download it. we are always trying to help you get all the necessary resources which is important for your learning.

You know, you can’t develop your English if you do not read books. But it doesn’t mean that you have to read books only. To improve your English, you need to do listening, reading, writing and speaking. If you fail to do one of them, your English will not be sufficient. So i recommend you that you download this book and read.


English Short Stories APK for Android Phone

The description of English Short Stories

English Stories is an application that support people to learn English easily.
This app includes over 600 English Stories.It's include :
+ Daily Life
+ Society
+ Love and Family
+ Works
+ School
+ Travel
+ Healthy
+ Famous People
This app have many stories about daily life of the American, You will discover many thing at here.
Beside, we have over 70 English Audio Books with many titles and contents are very interested.
We hope it's will become your best friend.
Please listen this app every day, You will have a happy in your life.
Thank for using our app.
THT Group

400 Basic Chinese Words and Phrases for Speaking

One of the best books to learn speaking Chinese language. It is really good to have it. I myself even learning Chinese with this book and it is really helpful. Now Chinese is spoken worldwide because the power of Chinese, economically and politically is growing up and up. Most of jobs now is demanded to speak Chinese in Myanmar. Myanmar is a country which is influenced by China very much.


Learn Business Career English with this book

As you may know, Business English is the most popular English subject nowadays because of job requirements and some other reasons such as people's interest in business and desire to study one specific topic for their life than than learning generally. So now it is a really good book for you to have in your pocket.

The best English Learning apps for Myanmar people. You can study many concepts of English language in this app which is designed for Myanmar people. Study idioms, phrases and some other things such as vocabulary, speaking ans listening to develop your English language skills.  Nowadays English is spoken around the world, so it is good time for you to learn English.


A book Pronunciation Technique and Exercise Book

Three or Three is English pronunciation book published by Cambridge University. It has CD, but i can't still find it yet, so i will upload when i can find it. Please follow updates at so that you can get the latest updates daily.

It is a very good book for you to have for the purpose of learning English pronunciation with scientific methods and techniques which will help you improve English pronunciation skills.


A good writing book for you

 it is good for all of students who are learning English. It is many levels, but if you just start learning English it is good idea to start from the beginning. In my opinion, Myanmar students should be very good at English because they learn English since they were in primary school, but in reality most of Myanmar people or students can't speak well; they can read and write but can't speak. it is just because of they don't have a chance to practice their English. Now in this website, there are a lot of speaking ebooks, so you can download and practice for yourself.


An English speaking and Writing English e-book pdf

Longman Grammar for Student is published by longman which is intended to help students develop their English skills. Actually, Longman Grammar has three levels which are called Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. Elementary is especially for those who just start learning English in their life, but Intermediate and Advanced is for the students who already have studied English before. Now it is level 3, so you can download it right now if you want.


Myanmar e-book: She Yami Moe's Royal Man pdf

For those who want to read Myanmar novel, it is one of a good book as far as i have read. I like the author so much because she can write novels with open idea. I am waiting for her new release. If you want to try out, just hit the download link below: