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One of the best English Grammar apk for android phone

In this app you can leanrn grammar and many other topics about English languages. It is unlocked version, so you will not have to pay anything but still have access to the full feature of the app and contents. 

If you are a truly English language learner, i think you should keep this app in your phone because it will help you a lot along the way while you are learning English.

Learning grammar is important for all studetns of English lgnauge because grammar is very important and without grammar it is not possible for you to master English language. And if you want to write English contents professionly you also need to have good understanding of English grammar and its usage in academic writing.  

Now you can download one of the best an droid app for free to learn English yet still free. If you want to get unlocked version apk, please hit download button below.


The easiest way to speak Korean language for Myanmar people

Many Myanmar people go to Korea to work. Therefore, they have to learn Korean more or less. The more you can speak Korean, the better you have opportunity to get a good job in Korea. In tis book, you can learn Korean really fast and it contains a lot of easy=to=understand explanations in Myanmar language. You can start learning from basic. Basic are really important because it is used in your day to day life.

Learning a foreign language is not an easy thing to do for many people. Some people do not have time, some have time, but there is no class around them. For those of you who want to learn Korean but have no access to class lectures, this book will be the best choice for you to keep in your pocket.


American English and Grammar written by Hein Lat

This is a really good book for you who want to learn American English speaking and grammar. Despite the fact that American and British both speak English, there some major differences between these two English speaking countries. As today American English speaking is much popular among young people, especially in Myanmar. But It also depends on which exam you are going to take. If you want to take TOEFL test, you must know American grammar and spellings. It is different from British. And if you want to take IELTS test you should learn more about British English grammar and spelling.

The best way to learn about American English speaking and grammar is from books, movies, radio and videos from the internet. If you are the one who spend a lot of time watching online videos, than highly recommend that you watch American movies like on YouTube and Facebook. it will surely improve your English skills.


Verb "Be" Present Tnese

The use of be in English is very broad. There are many ways you can use this verb such as a linking verb and main verb. Sometimes it can also be a helping verb.

We use “am/is/are” be present tense to say who is who such as in examples below:

Positive Sentence Examples

I am

He/she/it is

We/you/they are

  • I am a student.
  • She is a student.
  • He is a student.
  • It is a book.
  • It is a pen.
  • We are students.
  • You are a student.
  • You are student.
  • They are students.

Negative sentence examples

  • I am not a student.
  • She is not a student.
  • He is not a student.
  • It is not a pen.
  • ..
  • We are not student.
  • You are not a student.
  • You are not students.
  • They are not students.

Negative Sentence example with short form

  • I’m not a student.
  • She isn’t a student.
  • He isn’t a student.
  • It isn’t a pen.
  • We aren’t students.
  • They aren’t students.
  • You aren’t a student.
  • You aren’t a student.

Interrogative sentence Examples

  • Am I a student?
  • Is she a student?
  • Is he a student?
  • Is it a book?
  • ….
  • Are you a student?
  • Are you students?
  • Are we students?
  • Are they students?