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English Speaking Vocabulary APK

The description of English Speaking Vocabulary

English Speak Vocabulary is the best application to improve your English Speaking Skill naturally and easily with dictionary. It will help you speak English fluently.Just listen, repeat and compare.

- Each English lesson simulates a conversation between the user and a native speaker. Users are put in a variety of real world situations and take part in conversations using the most frequently used English words and English grammar.
- There is a tremendous emphasis put on pronunciation. Users have access to normal and slow playback speeds for each conversation,sentence, and word. Place your cursor over any word in the program and it will be pronounced slowly by our instructor, not by a computer generated voice.
- 2500 common vocabulary and phrase items.


Learn Business English with the best Book

Business English is now a very popular subject that most of students are embracing. As job qualification is high and higher, now speaking English in general is no longer enough. You must be able to speak English now in your professional fields so that your bob performance would be excellent. Now this is a chance for you to pick up a very good book for free in which you can learn business vocabulary very easily. Download now below.


Do and its collocations

Although we know the meaning of "Do", we still have to know how to pair it with some other word. If we only study the definition, it is not enough. It is highly possible to use the world incorrectly. So, we still have to study how to use "do" with some other words. Please study in the examples below:

do homework ..........Do you do your homework regularly?

do the housework.....My mother does the housework of our family.

Usage of "Do"

In English Language, there are so many different usage of "Do". And the student should clearly understand how to use "Do" with the right usage for the right situation. And it is also important to understand the collocation; which means that "Do" has some particular collation with some other words. Now let us just have a look at how to use "Do" correctly.