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Analytical English Grammar that you have to learn

This is a book in which you can learn basic to intermediate English grammar from the scratch. The explanations are so good and precise, easy to follow. If you think that you are not very good at English grammar to pass your exam or to score high in English grammar test, i highly recommend that you study this book with the single-minded attention. if you do so, i am quite sure you will learn basic and intermediate grammar perfectly.

No doubt. To have a good book is fortunate because there are many books out there, which may not meet your needs. Books are still playing important role to pursuit knowledge and education.


Sayar U Sai Aung Win's English Letters and Essays

In this book, you can learn how to write English letters and essays more efficiently with clear and precise instructions from the most honorable teacher, Sayar U Sai Aung Win. In English, letter and essay writing are two of the most important factors, so it is important that you can master them if you want to write English professionally.  In today communication world, writing letters is important because you will have to send e-mail letters if you are working for a company.

You can really study English grammar in this book with clear and precise explanation, so i highly recommend that you will go and buy this book from local English book store. Nowadays English is becoming a global language that is used by people to communicate with each other from different culture and ethnics.


English Idioms for you by U Agga, Parami

In this book, you are going to learn how to use English idioms in your daily life like a native speaker, so it is highly recommended that you download this book. As you know idioms are very common and widely used in English language. If you don’t know enough of idioms then it is not really possible for you to master English skills.

The good news is that you do not necessarily have to learn all idioms in English, but it is important to learn some commonly used ones. If you miss them out studying, it will be really difficult for you to become fully fluent in English because idioms are used in everyday life.

In this book, you will learn many useful idioms with good example of real world usages. But if you want to reach advanced level of speaking and writing English literature, this book will not be good enough. To my knowledge, the best book to learn advanced idioms usages, I recommend that you buy the book; Oxford Dictionary of Idioms or Cambridge idioms in Use. In these book mentioned above, you can learn from basic to advanced usages of English idioms in details.


Hla Tha Min's The Art of Translation book Reviews

In this book, you will learn how to translate English into Myanmar in a professional way, so it is a really good book for you to keep it in your pocket so that you can use it anytime you need. Translation is not as simple as you think. Translation needs a lot of effort, skills, and knowledge to deliver the best to the users.

You can download it for free and keep it with you wherever you go. Learning English is never easy as today because we are living in a modern society where a smartphone is always with us.

Translating English sentence and phrases is not easy. It is not like you just understand. You also have to know some of your own mother language’s grammars and concepts to translate correctly, it is why I recommend this book for you to learn if you want to be a good English translator.



Sayar U San Lwin's English Speaking E-book ReViews

In this book, you will learn a lot about how to speak English for all occasions such as speaking to a hotel guest, speaking at the restaurant, speaking at the beer bar, speaking to a Taxi driver, and so on. So this book will basically teach you almost everything you need to know about English speaking. It is great.

Now luckily, you can get it free without any cost. Speaking English is now one of the most required skills in any job description, so having skills to speak English will let you beat any competitor you come through in your job applications. So please study hard and get a good job. I hope you will for sure.

Nothing comes easy, and what that means is that you have to try a lot these days to compete in a competitive environment, so having skills, and a flexible mindset is key for your success.