Importance of English in our life

In our life, we have to go to school to receive education and apply it in our real life. It is not easy to go to school because we have to spend time, energy and money which are the most valuable things in one’s life. Education is the root of our life to develop as it is also vital for a tree. Without education, our life will be so empty and we will be lost with no direction. Our future may be lost. It is why today parents spend the whole saving of their life to educate their children.

Nowadays, because of the internet, everything is changing very rapidly. The way we consume all formations, entertainment and learn things is changing.

Now I am going to tell you why English is so important for us to learn. Due to globalization, there are high demands everywhere whether you go to apply for a job and do a business by yourself. Doing a business and applying for a job is no longer easy as before. That just means highly competitive people will be the chosen one, less educated people will be the losers.

Speaking different language is always advantageous for us because those who speak multiple languages will be very useful for any kinds of jobs they perform.
For example, in Thailand, you cannot get a job if you don’t speak some Thai because it is not possible for you to communicate with them. As a foreigner to work in Thailand, you need to speak English and Thai. If you do, you might be a very useful person for them because they need you for their job.