English Speaking Patterns with Myanmar Translation

One thing that I want to say from the bottom of my heart to you is that you must keep your interest in English if you really want to speak it. Don’t ever do like you study today and throw it away tomorrow. If you study that, then your English will never develop because studying regularly is more important than how hard you study a time. There are many friends of mine studying English. They do like they want to speak English very much today and all their interest in English fade away tomorrow. I can see all of those people never develop enough to speak English fluently and professionally. It is why i urge you to study regularly. You may not believe what I just said, but you will understand that if you can’t develop yourself although you’ve spent a year going to different English classes and teachers. You will end up with frustration and finally you will want to give up learning English. It is what happens to most people. 

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