English Song Lyrics Translation into Myanmar: Stand by me by SHAYNE WARD

Hi, all my friends!
Today I decided to translate a song by SHAYNE WARD. I like this song very much and I also hope you will like it too. But the main purpose of translating the song is not because I like it. I translated it into Myanmar so that you all can learn English online listening the song you like. I think it is quite fun. Learning English from songs is a very effective way. 
It doesn’t necessarily means that you have to learn English from songs all the time, but sometimes you must do it since music is a big part of human life, isn’t it?
This time i give you mp3 download and pdf version of the translation so that you can keep it in your phone or computer to read when you are offline. Thank you, guys. Hope you’d like it. If you like my work, please follow me to get the updates.