Books in Myanmar language about electronics

In today’s world, everything is connected with electronics from our mobile phones to the bridge in your kitchen. It covers almost every aspect of our lives. That is clear to understand that having good knowledge about electronics will be a huge advantages for your life and job opportunity.

No wonder that some of Myanmar people will definitely want to learn about electronics, but may have difficult to find recourses which are available in their own languages. In here you can get many books about electronics and read them in your mother language for your own benefits.

  1.  AC Transmission and Distribution
  2. Kaung Nyunt’s Air Compressor and Compressed Air System
  3. Kaung Nyunt -air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation
  4. Aye Thwin’s ELCB and RCD pdf
  5. Electric Circuit Basic PDF
  6. Electrical Knowledge pdf 
  7. Fundamentals of Power Electronics pdf
  8. Book about Harmonic pdf
  9. Mobile Electronic Book
  10. Power Lost Explanation Book pdf
  11. Power Factor Book
  12. Mya Thwe’s wonder electronic book


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