Verb "Be" Present Tnese

The use of be in English is very broad. There are many ways you can use this verb such as a linking verb and main verb. Sometimes it can also be a helping verb.

We use “am/is/are” be present tense to say who is who such as in examples below:

Positive Sentence Examples

I am

He/she/it is

We/you/they are

  • I am a student.
  • She is a student.
  • He is a student.
  • It is a book.
  • It is a pen.
  • We are students.
  • You are a student.
  • You are student.
  • They are students.

Negative sentence examples

  • I am not a student.
  • She is not a student.
  • He is not a student.
  • It is not a pen.
  • ..
  • We are not student.
  • You are not a student.
  • You are not students.
  • They are not students.

Negative Sentence example with short form

  • I’m not a student.
  • She isn’t a student.
  • He isn’t a student.
  • It isn’t a pen.
  • We aren’t students.
  • They aren’t students.
  • You aren’t a student.
  • You aren’t a student.

Interrogative sentence Examples

  • Am I a student?
  • Is she a student?
  • Is he a student?
  • Is it a book?
  • ….
  • Are you a student?
  • Are you students?
  • Are we students?
  • Are they students?


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