U Agga- English for Everyone

It is a really good book for you study English. In this book you can study how to speak English and many grammatical points of English language which are very important. This book is more than 40 mb, so it may take you a little long time to download. And the book is also designed for self-study. You can learn by yourself without any teachers to guide you because the book will be a teacher for you.

If you live in Yangon, Myanmar, you will see that many students have this book in their hands because they think that this book is really good for them to improve their English speaking skills. In this book you can how many different kinds of spoken patterns or drills which will be very useful for your improvements. But let me tell you that this book is primarily focused on how to speak English fluently rather than talking too much about grammar points, so for those of you who want to improve English speaking skills right away, then it is the book that you must have.

More than speaking skills, you will also learn a lot of vocabularies and their usages with full of meaningful example sentences and phrases. When you study English, first and foremost you have to have some important vocabularies in your memory because you won’t be able to speak or write without having those essential words.



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