Sex is your ultimate natural gift- do it!

Watching entertaining movies can make you really relaxed. So it is nothing wrong to watch movies which can release the tension of nerves and muscles. One of the best type of movie that can relax you the most is, honestly sexual movies, but not all the time. Having sex is nothing wrong, but it is the gift for us by the god, which we can enjoy for life. Love is not sex, however sex can creates love. It is no doubt. In your life sometimes you might be deprived of sex because of your cultures and tradition.

You may want to enjoy it, but you don't have a chance to enjoy it because you are culturally wrong to do so. Sex before marriage is unethical for most of societies in the world. But do you believe that it is unethical? For me, sex is nothing concerned with morals if you two do it with own consent.

Now you should think twice what stop you to enjoy life's most pleasurable thing? Why is it wrong to do it and what is your freedom?


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