Vocabulary for IELTS APK

If you want to get high score in IELTS exam, you need to know which words help you to be appreciated. These are must-have vocabularies for IELTS. Each vocabulary has some sentences or dialog that usually using in an IELTS exam.
These vocabulary do not only use in IELTS exam but also useful English vocabulay that you can use every day.
App contain:
+ IELTS Writing (Academic writing, IELTS Academic task 1 Writing, IELTS Academic task 2 writing, IELTS general writing...)
+ IELTS reading (Reading tips, IELTS reading test)
+ IELTS Tips
+ IELTS vocabularies
+ IELTS Vocabulary Test
+ List of categories (IELTS Topic)
+ List of words by Topic
+ Mean and example for each words
+ Auto play for viewing words

If you think this is a great app, you can buy pro version for a very cheap price.
This pro verson has no ad and you can access word without internet connection


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