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This dictionary is, especially for the enrichment of phrasal verbs. In English language, phrasal verbs are one of the biggest factors that students must learn or they will fail to be efficient in English. As I've experienced, phrasal verbs are used in all situations such as writing and speaking, but mainly they are immensely used in informal speaking; it doesn't mean that they are not used in formal speaking. It is just the reflections of my knowledge.

In some situations, phrasal verbs are compulsory to use to make the readers or listens to understand what a speak means or what the writer means. For example, if you want to say that someone jump down into the water, you must must "jump down" to be more clear of the action. If other words are used here, it might be confusing or unclear for the receiver. So i want to claim that "Learning phrasal verbs is a must-to-do" for the proficiency of English language.


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