Usage of "Do"

In English Language, there are so many different usage of "Do". And the student should clearly understand how to use "Do" with the right usage for the right situation. And it is also important to understand the collocation; which means that "Do" has some particular collation with some other words. Now let us just have a look at how to use "Do" correctly.

In the Question:

Do you like apples?

Do you like action movies?

Do you study English?

We use "Do" as seen above for plural subjects in the sentences. But we have to use "Does" for singular subjects in the sentences. For example,

Does she play tennis?

Does she play guitar?

Does she love in Yangon?

When you want to make negative sentences for plural subjects, then you have to use " do not" or "don't". Look at the example described down below.

We don't play football everyday.

Students do not want to study very hard nowadays.

I don't know who he is.

For singular subjects in the sentence, "does not" and "doesn't are used to form a negative sentence. Study looking at the sentences below!

She doesn't like him.

it doesn't rain a lot in in Mandalay.

My mom does not allow me to play games. 

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