How to use "Will"?

"Will" is a model verb which is used to talk about things in the future.  It has different usages for the different situations but now i am going to explain to you how"Will" is used to refer things which is going to happen in the future.

Please look at the example sentences carefully.

1)I will do homework tomorrow morning. 

2) Will you go to work tomorrow?

3) you will not pass the exam if you don't study hard enough.

4) I will be 23 next month.

5) Will you be OK if you lend me some money?

In the interrogative sentences, "will" come in the beginning of the sentence. For example;

1)Will you come to our firework party next week?

2) Will you be able to complete your job if you are lazy that much?

3) Will you be in the class at the afternoon?

In the negative sentences, will is used with not. "Not" will come after will. So the sentence will be in the described examples down below:

1) My mom will not let me go swimming. She is too much worried about me. She doesn't let me go anywhere.

2)Cherry will not be in the class in this time. She is absent from the class quite often. 

3) I will not live here anymore next year. I will go back to Myanmar.


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