Do and its collocations

Although we know the meaning of "Do", we still have to know how to pair it with some other word. If we only study the definition, it is not enough. It is highly possible to use the world incorrectly. So, we still have to study how to use "do" with some other words. Please study in the examples below:

do homework ..........Do you do your homework regularly?

do the housework.....My mother does the housework of our family.

do the washing.........Have you done the washing?

do some exercises...I like doing some exercises in the evening.

do meditation.......My grandma does meditation in the morning everyday.

do Yoga............Do you do some Yoga for your health?

do the shopping..........Have you done the shopping for the dinner? (do the shopping means that you buy food and some other necessary things; not like go shopping which is for fun.)



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