Books in Myanmar language about electronics

In today’s world, everything is connected with electronics from our mobile phones to the bridge in your kitchen. It covers almost every aspect of our lives. That is clear to understand that having good knowledge about electronics will be a huge advantages for your life and job opportunity. No wonder that some of Myanmar people … Read more

Computer Database Lessons pdf for Myanmar

For those of you who want to learn about computer database and data science, then here is the right place for you because you will get pdf file about database and they are explained in very details. In this section, there are more than 14 database lessons, so you can actually master them and get … Read more

A Myanmar language book about database

In this lesson, you will learn about what database generally is. In this lessons we will discuss about database only in generally terms, but not in details. In computer science, database is one of the fundamental concept that you have to learn. Computer calculation doesn’t make any sense without data to play. So It is … Read more

Is she or she using you for her own advantages?

If a relationship is fulfilled, it is very joyful and healthy. But when a relationship is one-sided, then the one will suffer a lot and he or she will be collapsed mentally and psychologically. Sometimes in some certain situation it is good to end a relationship no matter what it takes. It is hurting and … Read more